Erik Nicolaisen Actor Eric Nicholson Erik Nickelson Volkswagon Jamaican Dave Comedian

NEWS ‘ 14

Check out Newcastle’s “Band of Brands” campaign

White Collar Stoners hits the Festival circuit!

Voicing Cartoon Network’s “We Bare Bears”

John Krazinski Voice-match on Cameron Crowe’s upcoming feature

Undisclosed Sony follow-up is officially in the works

ADR for Will Farrell & Kevin Hart’s upcoming comedy “Get Hard”

Playing the uptight Adam in the feature “Body High”


SONY’s Infamous 3 “Second Son”

T.O. Sucks :)

Voicing Dalton Crosswaith’s newest Animation

Look for Tosh.O’s “529 Conspiracy”

The voice of PR man Troy McClure in the Post Carbon Institute’s newest Animation

Volkswagen’s “Rasta Man” Dave

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